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Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

The guiding principle of RA Chem for Corporate Social Responsibility Activities are “Sustainable, Replicable & Impactful Interventions through Community Involvement”. Aim of RA Chem is to demonstrate care for the community, by adhering and living up to its Values through planned and targeted interventions in the areas of (a) education and skill development (b) health and wellness and (c) environmental sustainability.

RA Chem endeavours to ensure that all initiatives undertaken have an impact on the beneficiaries in improving their lives

The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Company consists of the following members.

Mr. Bhaskar Iyer – Chairman of the Committee and Independent Director
Mr. Abhijit Mukherjee – Independent Director
Mr. Anil Kumar Chanana – Independent Director
Mr. Ashok Jain – Non-Executive Director
Mr. Pankaj Patwari – Non-Executive Director
Dr. V. Prasada Raju – Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer.

Policy of the Company on Corporate Social Responsibility. Click to Download

The Annual Action plan for Corporate Social Responsibility. Click to Download